Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Since 2005, the recycling activity of the Oriental Fusion Handcraft – Recycling Workshop has made many new friends and connections all around the world. They have shared the idea of reforming something that would once be perceived as trash into something that is beautiful, useful, and beneficial to society. Many people that are involved with this activity have said that they rekindled their pure childhood spirit and felt joy as they found balance in their lives through the support of others involved at the workshops. Through planning and development at Reiyukai America, we still commit and devote ourselves to the same pledge of this recycling activity.
 However starting this July, we plan to encourage more the creative aspect of this activity to expand upon new recycling methods and innovative ideas to bond communities together through the ecological aspect of recycling. Therefore with this new direction, the workshop will take upon the new name Reiyukai Creative Recycling. We hope this new name inspires artists and newcomers within our communities to explore their creative side and learn more about themselves in this character nurturing activity.

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